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[Atsumori] Efficient way to proceed in the early stages [Atsumaru Forest]

This is an efficient way to proceed in the early stages of the Atsume Animal Forest. This is a summary of what you should do on the first day (1st day) of the start of Atsumori.

Before departure

1. Decide your name and birthday


▼Note that you cannot change it later
When you start the Animal Forest, you will first decide the player’s name and birthday. Please note that you cannot change your name and birthday later.

2. Determine the look of your face and hairstyle


▼ Can be freely changed later
Next, change the look of your face and hairstyle. Face, hairstyle, and gender can be changed later, so if you want to progress the game quickly, you do not have to worry about it. Also, although there are few types of hairstyles in the early days, you can increase them later.

3. Determine Northern and Southern Hemisphere


▼ Seasonal differences
Once you’ve decided what you want, choose between the northern and southern hemispheres. The northern and southern hemispheres are mostly in opposite seasons, with different insects and fish emerging in the same month. Unless you are particular about it, we recommend the Northern Hemisphere, which is the same as Japan.

4. Determine the topography of the island


▼ There are rare terrains
Next, let’s decide the topography of the island. The terrain of the island has unusual terrain such as star-shaped ponds and heart-shaped ponds.
The terrain changes the ease of life on the island, so if you are particular about it, we recommend carefully selecting the terrain. If you want to know how to carefully select topography, please refer to the following article.

5. Answer the questions about what to bring


▼ Does not affect the progress of the game
Finally, Mamekichi and Tsukimichi ask the question “What to bring to an uninhabited island.” Feel free to answer any questions, as the answers don’t change anything.

Until you get a smartphone

1. Meet the resident


▼There are laws for early residents
When you arrive on the island, you will have to meet with the residents. Due to the law of early residents, only certain residents will appear to some extent

2. Determine the position of the tent


▼ You can move your house later
Next, determine the position of your own tent and the position of the residents’ tents. As you progress through the game, you will be able to move home for 50,000 bells, so if you’re comfortable making money, don’t worry about it.

3. Collect 10 tree branches and 6 fruits


▼ Shake the tree to get the tree branch
Once you have decided on the location of your tent, you will be asked for 10 tree branches and 6 fruits. Since there is a limit to picking up falling objects, it is recommended to shake the tree to obtain it. There are 3 fruits in each tree, so you can easily get it by shaking 2 fruit trees.

4. Decide the name of the island


▼Note that you cannot change it later
When you meet Tanuki’s request, give the island a name. The name of the island cannot be changed later, so give it a nice name!

5. Get a smartphone after sleeping in bed

スクリーンショット2020_03_19 15.33.jpg

After sleeping in the bed, you can get a smartphone from the raccoon dog. As soon as you get a smartphone, you will be able to enjoy free life on the island, so let’s enjoy your life on the island while using your smartphone!

How to earn 5000 miles easily

Mileage conditions that are easy to achieve from the first day

Condition Miles
Tutorial complete 500
Greetings to all islanders 300
Take pictures with your smartphone 300
Renew your passport 300
Post on the bulletin board 300
Redraw my design 500
Sold 50 weeds 300
Open your smartphone 10 times 300
Ask Mamekichi to purchase it 300
Buy products from Mamekichi 300
Shopping at Tanuki Shopping (Tanuport) 300
Use tools until they break 300
Catch 10 fish 300
Catch 10 insects 300
Make 5 tools with DIY 300
Learn 10 DIY recipes 300
5200 miles total
Excerpts of simple achievement conditions

You can collect 5000 miles from the first day. Let’s use the one with relatively simple conditions and store efficiently.

▼Other recommended mileage conditions
Condition Miles
Catch 10 species of fish 300
Catch 10 insects 300
Obtain 20 Timber 300
Plant flower seeds 10 times 300
Sell 20 fruits 300
Decorate 5 furniture at home 300
Hit the stone 8 times in a row 300
Imechen 500
▼Use birthday if you want to operate time
There are mileages that can achieve 2000 miles on your birthday. However, please note that it will not be achieved on the day you start the game.

Must-see for beginners! Frequently asked questions

What should I do after the second day?


★A: Aim to become an island creator
The part of the story of “Atsume Animal Forest” ends with the aim of becoming an “island creator” with various elements lifted. It is necessary to handle Tanuki’s request before becoming an “island creator”, so from the second day onwards, the goal is to earn the materials, bells, and miles necessary for this Tanuki’s request.

How can I cut down a tree?


★A: You will be able to defeat the standard “Ono”
Only “Shoboi Ono” can be created in DIY at the beginning of the game, but you can use the normal “Ono” when you pay 5000 miles for the first migration fee to Tanuki. You can cut down a tree by hitting it with this ordinary “Ono”.

▼ “Shoboi Ono” gets the recipe from Tanuki


You can get Shobo Ono’s DIY recipe as a second reward for showing creatures to Hanakuchi. Many tool recipes are released as the story progresses.

How to get across the river?


★A: You will be able to go after getting “Tatobibo”
Although the range of motion at the beginning of the game is limited by the river, you will be able to cross the river and reach the other side of the river after obtaining the “Tatobibo” tool. “Tatobibo” can be created by DIY when Houta emigrates to the island after passing 5 creatures to the raccoon dog.

Does the event not proceed until 1 day has passed?


★ A: Time can be operated by changing the date on the Switch
In future events, there will be several things that will not progress until more than one day has passed. If you can’t wait for one day to actually pass, you can change the date on the Switch to control the time. However, there are some disadvantages such as cockroaches at home and game balance, so please use your own judgment on time control.

How can I climb a cliff?


★A: You will be able to climb after obtaining the “Ladder”
Even after being able to cross the river, the cliff will limit the player’s range of motion. You will be able to climb this cliff with a tool called a “ladder”, but it’s a little late to get it. Even if you can not climb the cliff, you can proceed without problems in the beginning, so let’s capture without worrying about it.

Can the rock be broken?


★A: You can eat fruit and break it with an ono or scoop
The rocks on the island can be destroyed by hitting them with an ono or scoop while eating fruit. It is possible to break one rock per fruit. One broken rock will be restored once a day, so there is no problem in destroying it.

You can also obtain materials such as stones and iron ore and bells when you break a rock.

When will the airfield (communication play) be available?

★A: Available from the next day


The airfield will be available the day after the game starts. It takes actual time, so those who want to play online should be careful.

The reputation of the island does not rise!

★A: Decorate your furniture to increase greenery!


To increase the reputation of the island, decorate it with a lot of furniture and make it greener. In particular, placing furniture created with DIY improves the effect.

Can the story be advanced for the second and later?

★A: You cannot proceed directly
The second and subsequent players cannot proceed directly to the story. Let’s help the players of the islanders collect the materials and furniture necessary for the story together.

How to make the second island

★A: Requires a second Switch
To make a second island, you need to prepare a second Switch. The save data of Atsume Animal Crossing Forest is saved one island per Switch, and it is a mechanism to share the island with the second and subsequent players.

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