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Now, with all my thoughts: Kemono Friends Final impressions

Finally, “Kemono Friends” has reached its final round. I started to watch this animation that quietly started without anyone paying attention, and at first glance it looked like a fucking animation, but I did not give up in the first time and continued to watch afterwards, finally becoming such a social phenomenon animation We are very pleased to be able to combine the assumptions up to now in real time. Even in the final episode of Nikosei, there are some news that made a legend again.

So, this time, I would like to write a review of the final round and impressions of the whole series, occasionally touching on the previous article that wrote speculation and delusions last week, which had not been done yet.

Final episode “Yu-enchi”

Since I started to watch it in real time every week from around episode 10, this time, the last episode I watched in front of the TV, the episode 12, “Yu-enchi”. It was my greatest pleasure to have created the final happy ending of the royal road without any oddity.

Continuation from last time. Regaining consciousness, Serval, who heard the situation from the bears and grasped the situation, desperately tries to help the bag that was captured by the huge black cerulean. The serif of Serval who clings to the black cerulean and screams here is too hot.

“Give me your bag! Give me back! I’m scared, but I’m afraid, I’m a hard worker, thinking about various things for a troubled child, and still… talking and wanting to go together… UUUUU …Return it!”



Hakase and assistant appearing there! ! !

In episode 11, when the boss’s eyes were shining, “Is it calling to other bosses to call?” or the friends disappeared from the ending, “I think this will help everyone in the bag It’s coming to me.” Or, I think I wrote down a mere desire in the previous article, but fortunately both were correct answers. Was good!


And friends behind them appear one after another. Everyone’s eyes are shining on “Wild Release”.


And the title appears there, and the OP flows, just like this big group!

“We show our strength as a flock.”


It’s a solid development, but there’s no choice but to say “Yes, this is it, I wanted this!!!” And everyone attacks his black cerulean with his own skill. Dig the pitfalls up to that Ogro Prairie Dog and stop Black Cerulean. In this kind of place, the spirit of Serval-chan, saying, “We are different from what we are good at depending on our friends!”, and based on that, Kaba-chan conveys the spirit of utilizing each other’s strengths as a team. There is. It’s a mystery whether Kotetsu Mekaso is useful, but… Well, maybe a mood maker (laughs).


Therefore, the mysterious legend of Kaban-chan that Arai-san said “I heard that Kaban-san said, share the difficulties with the swarm” can be said to be correct in a sense.

And perhaps from the farthest “Heigen” Chiho, there are two true hits, an elk and a lion, held by Toki and Aritsukagera in the air!


It’s really hot to see these two attacking in one cut while falling towards black cerulean! And it’s great that the voice changes between the first half and the second half of Lion’s “My child… I shouldn’t give it up!”


And Fox combi + Alpaca + Probably Tetsunoko Ichimo sprinkle water in a bath tub to solidify the tip of the foot of black cerulean, which seems to have a bag, into “lava”.


As I wrote in a postscript in the previous article, it was still the remains of the 4th episode of lava, black cerulean. I think there were few people pointing out this, but I might have been a little dull (laughs).

Higuma jumps with the help of another hunter to cut the leg that seems to have a bag!


Kaban-chan is a mysterious glowing sphere.


And black Cerulean trying to attack it again… Crossing in front of it… a burning paper plane.


Who flew? I don’t have a bag… oh serval! Last time, Kaban saved the serval along with his wisdom by using the tree climbing technique taught by serval. And this time, Serval makes a paper airplane by himself, imitating the one from Kaban-chan (awkward and not well-made), and further distorts the instinct of an animal that is afraid of fire, and this time tries to help Kaban-chan. ! No, I can only cry anymore.

“Story not too much” that only the expression of Serval-chan understands everything to the bad paper plane by skipping the scenes such as folding the paper plane and lighting the fire, it can only be said to be splendid ..


The paper plane flies towards the ship, and Black Cerulean chases it… and the bag…? The tears that Serval sheds are tears for her bag.


“It’s returning to its original shape.”

Last time, I wrote that Serval was a humanoid Cerulean, but apparently it was a mislead and Kaban was a friend of Mirai’s hair.

I was wondering if it would return to my hair, but Sandstar makes “friends” from “something that was an animal”. Cerulean must have returned to the human form from the alchemy of returning from “friends” to “animals”. Oh, serval-chan and bag-chan were good!


Even so no way

“Don’t eat…”
“I don’t eat…”

The day will come when you will be crying… The acting here was really great.


And there is a black cerulean at the ship where the boss waits. By the way, of the boss at the time of seeing off the serval going to help the bag at the beginning of the final round

“Serval, trip with 3 people was fun”

So, the line… I really associate it with the terminator, including the point that “the robot boss that looked like an emotionless…” It sinks in the sea that looks like a lot. Lucky… (tears).


The lucky beast cast that finally became clear in the final telop was changed to “Mirai” instead of “Aya Uchida” that everyone expected that the boss was Mirai’s alter ego I think it also makes sense. About this line and action. In that sense, I wonder if it’s like “silent running”.

The sun rising over the black cerulean, which has become “lava” after sinking in the sea, is beautiful.


Japari Park has regained peace. There a lens? And the boss found only the belt-like part. Serval-chan, who suddenly started talking about whether the “lens” part was the main body, threw it into the sea and threw it into the sea. That’s why I laugh and heal the tension and continue to Part B. The production of switching between these scenes is really good. Although the boss is a little sorry.


This time, there is no explanation of animals and it is B part. Apparently, it was this girl who was eaten by Cerulean at the gate of episode 1 and became an animal from Friends. Ard Wolf. The voice is Haruka Terui, who is the same as Kava. It’s just a cry


So, I finally arrived at “Yu-Enchi”. That Ferris wheel that was seen in the distance when Toki-san was climbing “Kozan” in the third episode!


This Ferris wheel, “Igos 108”, which was once next to the Lake Biwa Bridge and is currently living in Vietnam, seems to be a model. By the way, more than 20 years ago, I remembered when I went from Ogoto to the Lake Biwa Ohashi neighborhood in a pilgrimage to the movie “Phantom Lake,” which was followed by various movies. However, I didn’t know that the name of this Ferris wheel had such origin (“Sugoi” -> “Igos”)!

Kemono friends who put small things in such places are still amazing! By the way, there is a shopping center called “Pieri Moriyama” on the opposite bank across the Lake Biwa Bridge on this site, but is there a real serval in the zoo now?

(By the way, the super monster “Phantom Lake” is a really terrible fucking movie, but if you spend your precious time in your life messing about fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking anime there, it’s like this movie. I think it’s good to thoroughly love “standing towering shit.” By the way, I have all the DVDs, soundtracks, and novelizations. It’s great!)

And the technique of “cooking” that Kaban told Hakase is told to Higuma-san…


Ahhhhh! This is the stage of Pepap announcement. Was the real thing here? Toki-san & Shojo Toki-san & What is the PPP stage?


Speaking of which, the penguin punch of PPP I used to do in Part A is actually quite powerful…

The boss has made good use of the belt and has converted it into a bag-chan smartwatch.


This party was a party to celebrate the death of Cerulean and the fact that the bag was known as an animal. First of all, the princess interviews the bag.

“Congratulations. I think it was a big success.”
“Well, no, it’s everyone’s call.”
“At one time, it was eaten by Cerulean.”
“Oh, I don’t remember much, but thanks to you, it’s safe.”
“And you knew what animal along the way?”
“Oh, yes. I was a human.”


Here, the fact that the bag-chan simply answers that he was “human” is nothing but a terrible friend way. A kind world in which “human” friends, which are just one of the seeds, are on a par with the friends of other animals.

Finally, the moment when the bag was born, revealed by Arai. A sand star hitting Arai-san’s hat with a tremendous momentum! Then Arai-san fell asleep on the cliff (laughs).


And Mirai’s hair that remained there glowed…


Kaban-chan is born! And after this, you have a fateful encounter with Serval.


By the way, after all, Serval was eaten by Cerulean and returned to animals → Is Serval now? Then, the possibility that it was the story that I wrote in the previous time, “My friends in the previous life will be reborn and have a miracle encounter” (though this is also a really solid royal road setting), has the possibility to be hinted at. I think Thinking about the meaning of tears of Serval in Episode 10 intricately. Well, after all the royal road is the best.

A conversation with Serval on the bench.

“Ship… Did you want to meet people outside?”
“I feel like wanting to know what kind of animal it is, but I made a lot of friends like this, and outside… yeah, maybe someday again.”

Fennec’s “remote-earing” to Serval, and Kaban and Serval go to the Ferris wheel. It is natural to express the individuality of the friends through such detailed behavior of individual animals.


Ferrari wheel date of Serval and Kaban. In fact, it’s the friendliness of the friends to prepare a gift for the bag. It was…


A few years ago, an article about Igos 108 from a time when it was a real ruined place fits really nicely here.

“I have to turn it from time to time so that the bearings on the gondola and the center shaft do not break. Since there is no more electricity, I run it on an emergency gasoline engine.”

I see, I have to turn it from time to time…

Ah…! ! ! ! (This was a big laugh)

“Something has fallen!”


And the video of Mirai riding on the Ferris wheel, played from the boss.

“Hmmm, I have to ride it once at the end. Eventually, the staff of the park decided to leave the island. It was a short time, but I am grateful for the many miracles I have encountered on this island. I’m sure again… Lucky, please stay away.”
“Leave it to me”
“Sorry, I’ll be back soon.” (The hat flies in the wind)


And a gift from our friends is Japari Bus (modified). Logs are attached to the left and right, and perhaps some kind of propulsion mechanism is added to serve as a ship!


The bath tub used for the battle against the Black Cerulean was used, with the logs paired on the left and right, and the large “ear” of the Japaribas.


It’s just “Serval-chan” riding on “Serval-chan’s thought ship” floating in “Serval-chan’s thinking sea” that came out in the cute delusion of Serval-chan in episode 9! Even so, the friends’ civilization has been dramatically improved because of their involvement with Kaban-chan. Don’t let me know that the anime has a lower IQ.


And this scene after Kaban realized that this Japaribas (Kai) is a ship is really wonderful.


Kaban-chan at the time of departure. In the first episode, Kaba said, “The rule of Java Bali Park is to live on your own. You must protect yourself. Don’t leave it to the serval.” You can rely on someone.”


And Kaban also shows everyone that the serval has learned to climb trees and jumps. And say goodbye to everyone in tears.

“I was taught how to look for rice, I heard how to sleep comfortably, and I was able to climb trees, so that’s okay! Then I’ll go!”


And finally the bag that embarks on the sea. The eyes keep looking at the island over there.


And friends, friends who spent a while together, see them off at the pier…


Leaving Serval, everyone goes back to their reality. The festival is over. And Serval-chan is returning… but…


What are those ears? Ah… this is the nostalgic scenery I saw in the end of episode 1.


After all, Serval will also follow (laughs). It sounds like a footstep, so I wonder if I installed that cable car and modified it, and attached a footstep device. Somehow civilization has not progressed at all.


And ED’s “My Friends” flow out. It’s a good song, isn’t it? The reason my bag is getting black is that gloves for Friends’ clothes are coming back. Is this a sand star effect? However, there was no such thing in Ardwolf, but the fact that this kind of phenomenon occurs in the bag … Maybe because the “animalization” by Cerulean was interrupted in the middle, the characteristics as a friend are returning. Is it all right to interpret it?


The staff roll follows the word “End”.

After all, the staff related to drawing and art were the same from the first episode to the final episode. It’s amazing. The footage follows the journey of Kaban-chan and Serval-chan in reverse, and when Sabanna Chiho of Episode 1 comes out…that? Will it continue?


The power turned off when the island was clearly visible from the ship. I wonder if I didn’t charge it again after doing so far, boss (laughs). Or did it charge, but is it extra electricity to go over the water? And there is Serval’s foot boat that crashes from behind with a nice feeling “Gatsun!”. Anybody other than Serval? Are you Arai and Fennec?


Furthermore, it seems that I met a new friend who was on the sea here.

“What? Where are you going?”
“What kind of friends are you?”
“Let’s be friends!”

Ah, this is the conversation with new friends, which is suitable for the last of “Kemono Friends”.


Looking at the list of casts, I wonder if it was the friend of Mleinka that was on the end. (Reference: Miruka-Kemono Friends Wiki Summary-Gamerch) In this way, a new journey of the bags will continue from “Kyushu Chiho” to “Gokukuchiho” Hmm…

The bridge in the distance is probably the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge. It is the southernmost and longest bridge of the Shimanami Kaido, which is the closest Hon-Yori Bridge if going from Kyushu to Shikoku. I used to ride a bicycle many times. Nostalgic.


Ah. Is this really the end, I want to see the rest! Then, there is information that something is written in the lower right of this screen. Oh really! ! ! It says “continue”! (I emphasized it in Photoshop)


Where do you “continue”! Too much fun!

After watching the whole series…

That’s why these three months I’ve been associated with this anime “Kemono Friends”. I can only say thank you for letting me spend the time. It seems that disks and guidebooks are also selling (For sales, it seems that only KADOKAWA-san knows the actual number of sales, but as I wrote before, even from Amazon’s experience as a writer, If you maintain the overall book ranking, it is certain that a considerable number of copies will come out.Since there are not many in the store at the beginning, rankings based on POS aggregation are not reliable)), by all means made this smash hit I would like the elite staff to prepare bonuses, super-luxury parties, etc. if the contract makes it impossible (laughs).

And when I saw that first episode, I felt something that caught me somehow, and I decided to watch it again next week, and I want to give a little compliment. As I wrote at the beginning, I think it was really lucky to be able to experience this animation, which was ignored by most people, in real time until it grew into such a tremendous movement.

Isn’t it okay to rebroadcast this on E-tele in the early stages? I thought, but I think more now that I saw it until the last episode. I want this to be rebroadcast on E-tele, no, it should be rebroadcast and shown to the children.

“It’s so different, different friends have different strengths!”

Yes, this is it! Enjoy, NHK.

By the way, what I remember as a road movie anime that I saw when I was a kid was, for me, the Galaxy Express 999. In the process of dealing with various people around the stars and solving problems, they themselves change and grow. In the final episode, I saw the friends gathering to fight against Black Cerulean, and the brave appearance of Captain Harlock and Queen Emeraldas coming to the end of the Andromeda station overlapped.

I think this is the “royal road.”

“Kemono Friends” has very few strange parts in various ways like “Eva” and “Madoka”. As I thought when it was “April is your lie”, I think it’s very difficult, at first glance, to carefully create a classic royal story. Since all the royal road stories are “I have seen it”, the evaluation criteria are strict. So, “Kemono Friends” is a serious attitude about the model animal, a very well-structured composition and screenplay, a faint science fiction flavor, a discerning production, and a unique loose CG animation that is targeting them. It can be said that by adding feelings, etc., the appeal as content was greatly enhanced.

I think that the reason why these things became possible is the method of making it with a small number of elite teams and the progress of IT technology around animation that made it possible. It is considered that the skill of the director and producer who raised it was also important. As many have already said, this work is a kind of “genius” work in which all of those elements are miraculously meshed in a positive direction, and therefore imitation will definitely fail. .. For example, if you want less noise and reduce the noise, if the director or producer is mediocre, then the less noise will make you miserably fail.

Anyway, it can be said that this work showed one of the new possibilities of animation. In particular, animation production by a well-ventilated small team using IT will dramatically expand the range of applications as technology advances. After all, a team of about 10 people made a 30-minute 1-cool work without dropping it, and it was a great success that could be called a mega-hit.

Animations such as “Kemono Friends” are enough for the second term of “Kemono Friends”, OVA, and so on, and I have high expectations for them. However, when a completely different and interesting piece of work inspired by the success of “Kemono Friends” came out, it would be awesome. I want to see that kind of thing.

So, applause to all the staff casts involved in “Kemono Friends”. Thank you for the best work.

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