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Fighting fight

X-MEN VS.STREET FIGHTER (SS software) review

Game maker capcom
Game genre Battle fight
Game release year (SS) 1997
One CD (SS)
Acquisition difficulty Rank B (game),
Rank A (soundtrack)
With or without gameplay Cleared

xvsst_1.jpg xvsst_2.jpg
Melody importance level ★★★☆☆: 3
Degree of stickiness ★★★★☆: 4
Degree of fun music ★★★☆☆: 3
Cool song degree ★★★★☆: 4
Atmosphere of the song ★★★☆☆: 3
Overall rating ★★★☆☆: 3

■ Outline of soundtrack

*This is a Sega Saturn software used as a soundtrack*

This is the Sega Saturn ported version of the fighting fighting game “X-MEN VS. STREET FIGHTER” released in 1996 from Capcom in an arcade.
Although it is a game software CD, it can also be used as a soundtrack with a CD player.

You can listen to 40 tracks as music tracks. Even with a real soundtrack, the number of tracks recorded is 40, so the number of tracks is equal. I don’t have a soundtrack CD, but I think Sega Saturn software is a good substitute for soundtrack.

In 1996 when “X-MEN VS. STREET FIGHTER” appeared, Capcom’s “Vampire Hunter” and “Street Fighter ZERO 2”, SNK’s “King of Fighters ’96” and “Samurai Spirits Amakusa Advent” etc. were in operation. It was a time when fighting fighting games were exciting.

Among them, “X-MEN VS.STREET FIGHTER”, which has a visual appeal such as a dream performance of a Capcom character and a Marble company character, an Erial Rave (aerial combo) and a special move of cooperation between two people, is especially hard to find. , I remember it was a remarkable game.
(Aside from the battle balance aspect such as the existence of an infinite combo)

“X-MEN VS. STREET FIGHTER” was 8th overall at the 1996 Gamest Awards and 7th at the Best Competitive Fighting Awards. In addition, we have also won the Best Production Award and the Best Graphic Award.

Composed by Yuki Iwai and Yuko Takehara. Those who are mainly in charge of music for Capcom games.

It may be because the game software soundtrack is used, but the recording state of the song is 1 loop (1 song 1 minute).

The game package includes characters from Marble and Street Fighter, including the central Wolverine. Both characters are drawn cool and attractive, and it can be seen that Capcom’s illustration team is very good.

On the label side of the game CD, the composition of the “Wolverine & Cammy” team vs. “Ryu & Cyclops” team is drawn.

■Song impressions

In “X-MEN VS. STREET FIGHTER”, 8 characters from Marble (9 characters including boss characters) and 9 characters from Street Fighter have appeared, and there are stage songs corresponding to each character. So the number of songs is relatively large.

The song on the street fighter side is an arrangement of the character songs of the “ST II” and “ST ZERO” series, and it is a melody that I have heard.

It is up to each person to consider this as having no freshness or as having a festive feel. For me, it’s a festival game and I think it’s okay. It is an image that BGM of each robot is used in Super Robot War.

After all, there is only the music of the fighting fighting game, and the impression is that it is brave music overall. Also, there are many songs with a fast music tempo and a sense of dash, which I think contributes to increasing the player’s tension.

The timbre is electronic sound crunchy, and there is an atmosphere just like game music. However, I felt a bit unsatisfactory because the timbre itself is uniform.

Then, as for the melody of music, I think that the new songs on the X-MEN side have few melodies that make an impression.

On the other hand, the songs on Street Fighter Side, which is an arrangement of the old songs, have a melody that is characteristic of the original songs, so it feels like they have become melodious by reusing past songs.

So, except for those who actually played the game and liked the song, I think it is recommended for “people who want to hear the arrangement of music of Stroke II”, “people who want to listen to brave game music” I will.

■ Believe me and listen to this!

There are a lot of songs like fighting games.

Since the game software soundtrack is used, track numbers and song names are for reference only.
(There are also game data tracks, so the track numbers that contain music are random.)

・BGM for player selection screen.
・The tempo is very fast, and I feel anxious as the tension increases.

-This is Cyclops BGM.
・The intro part of the song is very cool. The sad melody is also good.

・Ryu’s BGM, which originally came from the Strike II song.
・The feeling that I tried to make the original song with a different tone.

・Ken’s background music, which originally came from the song of Strike II.
・It has a refreshing new phrase in the intro and the latter half.

・It is the BGM of Chun Lee, and it is originally from the song of Strike II.
・Almost new songs. But the impact of the original song phrase is greater.

・This is Dulsim’s BGM, and it comes from the song of Strike II.
・The image of the original song is like a new song while leaving the phrase. A mysterious atmosphere.

・Zangiev’s BGM, which originally came from the song of Strike II.
・The main melody is the same as the original song, but the song has a light feel.

・It is a BGM of Gouki. Is it a new song in this game?
・It is a song with a feeling of tension. The tone is like an electronic piano.

-This is the BGM for the boss Apocalypse battle.
・It’s a relatively simple melody, but it is full of tension.

■ Supplementary information

-Since it is relatively easy to get the Saturn version of the X-MEN VS.STREET FIGHTER game software, it is ranked as difficulty level B.

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