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[Masterpiece retro game] NES software popular recommended ranking 10 selections

Currently, very realistic games are being released one after another, but there are many interesting NES games as well. It’s nostalgic for those who used to play Nintendo software in the past, but I decided to rank new NES software for young people.

The charm of NES software, the originator of home video game consoles

Nintendo is a home video game console released by Nintendo on July 15, 1983 (Showa 58). Home video game consoles were available before NES, but this was the first Nintendo TV game to spread to the general process.

Although games could be played on PCs at the time, PCs were very expensive, while NES were relatively inexpensive despite their high performance, which is also one reason for their explosive popularity. It’s also attractive that it’s simple and easy to understand, just insert the cassette and switch on.

The appeal of NES software is retro dot painting, simple but memorable background music, etc. When you play it, it is new and you will feel a little unreasonable game balance. Introducing NES software in ranking format, which features that the first generation of many masterpieces have been released.

How to choose NES software

There are many masterpieces in NES software. There are so many masterpieces that I’m not sure which software to play. So, here, I will introduce how to select the software that suits you from NES software.

Select by series

It is not uncommon for Famicom to release the work that is the origin of the software currently released on new hardware. And that software is still on sale because the NES version was so interesting and popular. Please try playing with such software as the starting point.

Dragon Quest series

If you’re a fan of RPG, why not anyone who has never done it? This Dragon Quest series is so popular and well known.

The story is easy to understand, but the story is deep from the NES version to the present, and the operability that even beginners can enter and the elements that even experienced people can enjoy are attractive. Nintendo has released a four-piece Dragon Quest series, so if you have an interesting piece, please give it a try.

Super mario series

It is no exaggeration to say that if you are adults in their thirties or older, it was certainly an exaggeration to say that it was definitely there when I visited my friend’s house. Super Mario Bros. is a blockbuster software that has ignited the popularity of NES.

There are still many Mario series out there, but the most popular one is the side-scrolling 2D Mario. Nintendo, which made such an entertaining action game in the early days of NES, is amazing.

Momotaro Electric Railway Series

The number of games that can be enjoyed with friends is increasing now, but the most representative game that you can play with friends during the NES is the Momotaro Dentetsu series.

Not only is Momotaro Dentetsu interesting as a game, but it has also helped to remember places and local specialties in prefectures throughout Japan. Please try playing at the origin of the Momotaro Electric Railway series, which is interesting and useful.

Select by genre

If you like games, you probably have a favorite genre. When you play with the work that is the origin of the genre, you may be deeply moved.


While very realistic action games, which are currently mainstream, are interesting, simple action games are also interesting.

Despite the simple game nature of running, jumping, and making a simple attack, it is an action game of NES for some reason. Some of them are called fucking, but they also taste good.


Many of the beloved RPGs have been released since the Nintendo era, and there are many RPGs that make you wonder that they are packed with such a story in a small capacity.

There are some RPGs that have a slightly odd game balance and are extremely difficult, but it would be interesting to try the RPG that I said.


Although it is not possible to enjoy realistic sports like the current games, sports games are a representative genre of NES.

In the NES era, the player’s name may not be the real name, but I can understand it somehow, so I can fulfill the dream of playing with the famous player of the past.

Choose by tie-up

Many NES games are tie-ups with various things. There are some tie-ups that will surprise you when you look at them now, so it would be interesting to look for such a game.

Tie-up with anime

Even now, game software that is tied up with anime has been released, but Nintendo has released many software that is tied up with anime called masterpieces.

“Famicom Jump” where many boy jump characters who were explosively popular with children at the time were active, “Golgo 13” which is still serialized, gourmet manga “Tasty Shinbo”, and a game that does not play baseball even though it is a baseball manga. There is also a “touch”.

Tie up with talent

Even now, there are games that have been tied up with idols, but not many. However, there are games that are tied up with talents that NES can’t imagine now.

Even today, there were things like “Takeshi no Challenge” and “Takeshi no Sengoku Fuunji” that were tied up with a comedian who runs the top of the comedy world, “TM NETWORK LIVE IN POWER BOWL” of the unit TM NETWORK where Tetsuya Komuro was there.

NES software recommended ranking 10 selections

No.10 Rockman 4


For the first Rockman series
“Rockman 4 New Ambition!!” is an action game released by Capcom on December 6, 1991, and is the fourth work in the Rockman series. Originally it was planned to end with three works, but because the popularity was so great, the sequel will be released.

With the basic system of defeating the boss and clearing other stages using the weapon of the boss, the charge shot (charge shot) was added from Rockman 4. This charge shot is a system that continues in the subsequent series.

Up to Rockman 3, there were some voices that it was very difficult for children to clear, but in Rockman 4, the difficulty level has been lowered a little, so if you play Rockman for the first time, first play Rockman 4. How about seeing?

No.9 LaSalle Ishii’s Childs Quest


One of the childs…
“LaSalle Ishii’s Childs Quest” is a role-playing game released on June 23, 1989. The player will be the manager of the idol group “Childs”, and will eventually aim to hold a concert at the star hall of fame “Tokio Hall” for success.

One of this childs idol group is Kiriko Isono, who is still active in variety. This is an unusual RPG that nurtures three people, including Noriko Isono, so instead of defeating the enemy, the system turns the enemy into a childs fan.

Although it is often called a stupid game, it is unexpectedly made firmly by mixing RPG and training games, and places such as playing live in various places around Japan are current idol fans. Isn’t it fun to do?

No.8 Dragon Ball Z Assault! Saiyan


Dragon Ball is also a NES
“Dragon Ball Z Assault! Saiyan” is a role-playing game released on October 27, 1990, and it was a huge hit with 900,000 titles that showed the popularity of Dragon Ball at that time. The basic game features are using cards to move and battle.

The graphics at the time of battle are top-class for Nintendo games at that time, and the normal attack randomly flows animations such as continuous angry waves, single blows with strength, attacks from control, and uses the full screen for special moves It is powerful because it is drawn.

Basically, it reproduces the original firmly, but from this work you can operate and train characters other than Son Goku, so if you do your best, you will be able to play yamcha, Tianjin, etc. It is also possible to defeat Vegeta with.

No.7 Burn Pro Baseball


Home run on a bunt?
Moeiro Professional Baseball is a game software for family computers released by Jaleco on June 26, 1987. The tentative name at the time of development was only “Real Baseball Pennant Race ’87”, and it was a real baseball game at that time.

Unlike the conventional angle from above in baseball games, the pitcher can throw the ball not only right and left but also up and down, and the batter can also control the bat up and down and left and right to be realistic. One of the selling games is that you can enjoy playing.

Isn’t it the place where you can hit a home run with a bunt if it is the same as the part where you can enjoy such a real baseball, or even more famous than this burnable professional baseball? If you want to see Bunt Home Run live, we recommend you to purchase this software.

No.6 Doctor mario


Get excited with parents
“Dr. Mario” is a fallen puzzle game released by Nintendo on July 27, 1990. Various puzzle games were released at the time, but Mario was the main character and it was easy to understand, making it one of Nintendo’s representative puzzle games.

Since the main character, Mario, is a doctor, it is a game that uses capsules to eliminate the virus. What is different from other puzzle games is that even if you delete capsules by chaining them, no points can be entered. The score is finally entered when the virus is erased.

This Dr. Mario is not only popular with children, but it is also known to have been popular with parents of their children, especially women. If you’re told by your parents not to play a lot of games, try Dr. Mario together and you’ll be excited.

No.5 Final fantasy iii


Revolutionary job system
“Final Fantasy III” is a role-playing game released on April 27, 1990. The game system is an advanced version of the “I”, and the “Job Change System” that allows you to change jobs on the spot depending on the situation has first appeared.

This job change system is firmly considered, such as “the character level and the skill level of the job are retained even if the job is changed” and “the ability value becomes a numerical value according to the level and the job”. It also influenced various role-playing games.

Not only job changes, but also “summoning magic” and summoning beasts are now available for the first time. Summoning magic has also become an indispensable part of the future Final Fantasy series. Those who like other Final Fantasy series will definitely love it.

No.4 pacific saury Detective


Performed by Yoshimoto entertainer
“pacific saury no Detective” is a command selection adventure released on April 2, 1987. While “Takeshi’s Challenge” in which Beat Takeshi appears is famous as a fucking game, this pacific saury detective is famous as a good work.

The player will be the assistant of the Akashiya pacific saury and solve the Katsurabunchin murder case. In addition to Katsura Bunchin who has been killed, many popular Yoshimoto entertainers of the time, such as All Hanshin Giant, Shinsuke Shimada, Yasushi Yokoyama, Norio Nishikawa, are appearing.

A command-choice-type adventure system that tends to be inorganic has been added to the visual clarity, and humor and gag that take advantage of the character of Yoshimoto entertainers are interwoven, making it easy for people who are not good at such murder-related games to play. It is a work.

No.3 Super Momotaro Electric Railway


The work that became the foundation of Momotetsu
Originally a PC engine version was released in the second work of the Momotetsu series, but at that time there were few people who had such a PC engine, so it was not explosive popularity so far, but the NES version The popularity of this product has exploded.

From this “Super Momotaro Dentetsu”, the concept of debt exists, and in the current Momotetsu, a card that can be used very deeply by bargaining has also appeared for the first time. Be careful when using cards, as it can be a fire of quarrel in a person-to-person battle.

And, from the current work, the poorest God, who is the most enjoyable and very disgusting existence of the Momotetsu series, will attach to the person who is farthest from the destination when someone arrives at the destination. is. It is also said to be the work that became the foundation of Momotetsu from such various elements.

No.2 Super mario bros 3


Nintendo’s best perfection
“Super Mario Bros. 3” is a side-scrolling action game released by Nintendo on October 23, 1988. The number of units sold is about 3.84 million in Japan, which is the second largest sales of NES software after “Super Mario Bros.”.

In this work, the element of stage (course) selection was introduced, and a world map like a sugoroku game was introduced for each world. This was epoch-making as an action game, and I was able to avoid the course I was not good at and try the course after acquiring items.

In addition to the old Super Mario and Fire Mario games, it can be transformed into Tail Mario, Kaeru Mario, Tanuki Mario, etc., and the gimmick on the stage has been greatly improved. ..

No.1 Dragon Quest IV


Omnibus RPG
“Dragon Quest 4 Guided People” is a game software for family computers released on February 11, 1990. The release date of “3” was confusing, such as school breaks, and in order to avoid it, it was the first Dragon Quest series to be released on Sunday, not on weekdays.

The scenario of this work is developed while changing the stage with the hero for each chapter, and it is in an omnibus format with the heroes of Chapters 1 to 4 gathering under the hero in Chapter 5. , It is a part different from other Dragon Quest series, but it was very popular.

In Chapter 5, a maximum of 10 people will be friends at the same time, so it is important who is on the front line to enter the battle, and it is fun to think about whether to use your favorite character or performance. Elements such as casinos and small medals have also increased, and the replay part is also substantial.


I tried to rank NES software from popular series to masterpieces that people know, but was there any work that you were interested in? If you have an interesting work, please play it.

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