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Japanese retro game recommended ranking

I’m going to write a ranking article of retro games that I have enjoyed so far.

Regardless of genre, game machine, or degree of recommendation, I’ve listed only the 10 most interesting retro games that are still impressive.

Prejudice is crunchy, but I hope you can see it with a light feeling.

Let’s go! !

10th place: Shirai’s GB, the monster of Tsukikage Village

The more famous roguelike game, the more you answer “Shiren” when you hear “Kurai”.

The quirky game system makes users like and dislike it in two ways, but many of the users who answered that they like it are enthusiastic about it.

Over the course of several tens of hours, a large number of medalists running through the “Desthura Marathon,” which strengthens weapons and armor, are exhausted.

The good old Japanese story and the sorrowful BGM that appealed to the emotions greatly invited the writer to empathize.

9th place: River fishing 4

A fishing RPG with a peaceful atmosphere and a variety of tricks.

The number of detour elements has increased from this work, and it is excellent that you can enjoy picking shells and picking flowers.

In addition, it is a ton demo specification with a large-scale behavior that even the owner of the sea can be caught while saying that it is “river” sushi fishing.

Don’t worry, I didn’t make a mistake in the game I bought.

Personally, I want to give BGM 100 points.

8th place: ONI2

A super-good RPG that played the first game and ran down to a player with a subtle headache like “Um”.

Impression that abundantly incorporating the good parts of the same generation RPG and incorporating the story unique to the ONI series into it. For the early Game Boy work, it has a large volume and is quite satisfying.

By far the more complex cave (rather than the maze) than Rondalquia must have folded the player’s heart. (I have broken many times.)

After all, BGM of this work is also awesome. A perfect score of 100 points.

7th place: ONI3

A new ONI that has cut off the flow of the story of ONI and ONI2. It features an omnibus-style scenario, which is rare in Game Boy software.

The story is straightforward and easy to understand, and because the game system follows ONI2, it is easy to play. A sense of intimacy springs in a more Japanese style.

Even if you haven’t played the previous ONI series, you can enjoy it enough by starting with this work.

To be honest, I was quite confused about which one of ONI 2 and 3 was higher.

6th place: Tengai Makyo ZERO

An authentic Japanese-style RPG featuring “Personal Live Game System (common name: PLG)” that makes the time axis of the real world and the world in the game the same.

The highly flexible game system and the story that closely follows the tradition and history of Japanese people somehow attracts the hearts of players.

Although it may seem like a high encounter rate will be disappointing, it is still a good work that is motivated by the desire to replay even after several years have passed.

Personally, if there is a Super Nintendo BGM ranking, I definitely want to put it on my five fingers.

In addition, in recent years, as interest in Super Nintendo Mini and retro games is increasing, many people come to this site for information on this work.

5th place: heavy cavalry Walken

The second work in the heavy cavalry series.

An action game featuring a high degree of freedom in operation and graphics that do not seem like a Super Nintendo.

At the beginning of the game, I’m frustrated with the complicated operation method, but by continuing to play, my improvement will be noticeable, and I will be absorbed as I do it.

The story of a world war caused by energy depletion, which poses a problem for our future, is realistic and realistic.

4th place: Super arrester

Vertical scrolling shooting featuring various weapons and special weapon switching.

Famous for its dynamic and high-definition graphics, with almost no drawing delay. It is a good work that blows off the fixed concept of “shooting game ≒ processing falls”.

Be careful not to put too much heat on the Y and R buttons due to excessive heat.

3rd place: Magical Drop 2 (Arcade Archives)

A high-speed puzzle game that is simple to operate and doesn’t give the player any thought.

The feature is that if you have a quick key operation and an observation eye that instantly grasps the position of the remaining block, you can aim for a chain in an ad hoc manner while the block is disappearing.

Unlike “Puyo Puyo” where you have to think about chain logic in advance, it is easy for beginners.

It usually takes less than 1 minute to complete one stage, but when I notice it, it’s been a couple of hours, so it’s extremely addictive.

Second place: Area 88

A side-scrolling shooter game that eliminates the stereotype of “games based on manga and anime ≒ lots of bad works”.

Ryosaku, which captures the bloody image and mercenary’s feelings for war, with realistic graphics and good sound, while holding down the basic elements of shooting.

There is a suspicion that the author’s evaluation of shooting games has become strict since he played this work.

Due to the high degree of difficulty, it requires considerable enthusiasm and mental strength to play.

I have been playing this a few times a week since I posted this article. Is happy.

1st place: Romancing Saga 3

A super blockbuster RPG of the old Square full body, with no complaints in all evaluation criteria.

The freedom to walk around the world and proceed with the scenario as the player likes, and the sub-scenarios such as “Trade” and “Mass Combat” that will definitely sell even if made into a single game are It sticks to me and never leaves.

Despite the facts and elements that are close to paranormal phenomena are covered, the scenario and world view that is not too far from reality gives “just the right kind of game” and is very good.

If fans start talking about “which member to select” from among the nearly 30 unique characters, it will be a few hours in a blink of an eye.

Summary (impression)

It was a Jenga ranking just before the collapse, with memory attributes and prejudice, but how was it?

Looking at the whole thing, there are many things that are “unique system”, “good background music”, and “good graphic”.

Also, if anything, Ryosaku has a strong impression that “the bad parts are crushed thoroughly rather than the good parts are stretched”, and no major bad points are found in any of the works.

When I buy games, I often refer to review articles from various sites, but in that case, I want to check if there are extremely bad points and then look at the good points. It was.


I am deeply impressed by the fact that I am completely immersed in memories and spelling out interesting games.

I will write about it next year when this time comes.

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