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【Adventure】”To Heart” Legendary gal game

Talk about To Heart

You started doing ZOOM recently, while talking to a lot of people you know on the internet.
When I noticed, I was doing amazing things such as 13 hours. He talks all the time except when he sleeps with me.
In that situation, the flow of “To Heart was a masterpiece” came to me, and I would like to review the whole story for a while.
To Heart was a gal game anime 13 years ago, but from that time it was really polite and highly evaluated.

After 13 years, why not look at it now? I thought it over and reviewed it, but no, really
I was deeply impressed that the goodness of the masterpiece would not change.
This is the highest peak in galge anime… Rather, there is no need to think in such a frame, the politeness that is not inferior to any anime
I just really take off my hat.

What’s good about To Heart is that you put a lot of emphasis on carefully describing one page from your youth
There is no such thing as the sexiness and easy delescene that is common in gal game anime.
Its soundness and politeness are considerable, and it has been thoroughly made.

When asked, “What do you look like in a youth?” For example, episode 1 is “going to school and changing seats”
Episode 8 is “Study all day test study” or something like that.
If you just ask the synopsis, “Is it enough to finish one episode?”
Surely that’s it… but it’s great that it’s made
If it is a normal animation, I will try to make some kind of incident, thinking “I need to catch the eyes of the viewer, I have to prepare the excitement”,
This anime doesn’t have that. You don’t try to cheat up easy talks, but instead you’ll just have a polite and comfortable time…

In particular, the test study group in Episode 8 said, “If I invited all my friends to the heroine’s house and tried to study for the test, everyone could not come because of business.
The hero and the heroine study alone. Moreover, the heroine’s parents do not come home today,”
It is a flow that there is no doubt that blush romantic comedy will develop while keeping in mind that there are only two people
This anime does not dare to do it
No matter if there are only two people, there is no easy love comedy, and one story ends after studying properly. I’m trying to make something good without flirting…
The best way to understand that was in this episode 8, but what actually happened to Hiroyuki-chan and Akari, who were the only two of us,

“Well… Philip II, 1180-1223, Alvisjore Crusade Dispatch… (Crispy)”


“Louis 9th, 1226 to 1270, formation of the 6th and 7th Crusade… (Crisp)


“…Hiroyuki-chan, what are you up to?”

“Where did Marco Polo come from?”

“Eh? Uh… Venice.”

“Well… I don’t really think about it, what’s the name or age of a foreigner?”

“Oh, let’s test it a little. In what year did the Uppers dying die?”

“In 1234 the horror was destroyed”

“So… how many years Batu defeated the German-Polish army?”

“Once upon a time”

“… What was the name of the meeting where Kubilay Han took the place of Han?”

“Well end meeting”

“Why don’t you do it seriously!”

Then, he says he can devote himself to studying for the test…
No, Hiroyuki isn’t at all stable, though…
Anyway, it doesn’t become the flow of “I’m alone with Hiroyuki-chan… pounding”.
While studying for the test, the story derails and ridiculous jokes are given priority to the warm atmosphere of the two people.

“Hmm… do you still have that photo?”

“Ah, do you want to see more of those photos? (Palapara) When this is an excursion, when this is a school trip…”

“Wow, there are so many. Wow, you’re so tiny! Even so, I’m cute!”

“It’s about as tall as Hiroyuki-chan around this time, when I went to the sea, when I went to the amusement park.”

“I remember you… Well, you used to have pigtails, why did you cut it?”

“What are you talking about… I changed it because Hiroyuki said he was tired of pigtails.”

“That’s what happened?”


If you look a little further, two people pull out old photos and make flowers for memories.
The story has derailed from studying a lot, but I am derailing, but it is only to take a break and return to studying properly immediately
Characteristic of this anime. If it was normal, it was too hot and while saying the work
It’s such a time already, I couldn’t study, I couldn’t really study
It’s about to end after leaving the study as a flow… but that’s the point where I feel like I can’t stop studying.





“Hey… aren’t you stuck here and there? Show me a little.”

“Oh, yeah”

“Oh, this is what I need to do with this equation.”

“Hmm…I’ll give it a try. (Crisp)…Huh?”

“Why don’t you understand? You can solve it like this.”


“It’s easy… the textbook should have the same thing.”


“Why I’m not good at mathematics even though everything else is perfect!”


That’s why I’m studying mathematics this time, but finally Hiroyuki-chan’s showcase has arrived.
Hiroyuki is a child who can do it. In the previous description, I was like a idiot who was motivated and lazy and just said nothing
Hiroyuki’s good point is not only that lazy side. I think I’m good at subjects that require more mental rotation than learning like math
On the other hand, subjects that are steadily memorable are good, but subjects that require a mental rotation are useless… It’s a contrasting type in terms of character.

“Oh, it’s already this time? Hiroyuki-chan, I’ll eat dinner.”

“Oh, is that okay?”

“Yeah, I have prepared the ingredients, and I thought that Hiroyuki-chan would often eat it alone.”

“It’s been a while since I made a freshly made dish! Is there anything I can help?”

“No, it’s okay by yourself. Wait a minute.”


“Wow, that’s awesome! As expected, it looks like a cooking club!”

“Come on, eat while warm”

“Oh, let’s get it!”

And when it got darker around the night, the two of us decided to cut off the study and go to rice time.
Hiroyuki-chan usually lives alone and has a poor diet, so the opportunity to have home-cooked meals like this is valuable.
After cooking, eating the staple food, eating the dessert, and after finishing eating, I said “Hello!” and “Thank you”.
This animation is to go through the dishes after eating
Pursuing everyday depictions… and what to do after the meal time is over

“Hey Hiroyuki-chan, will you review this again after this?”

“Oh, but are you really okay with math?”

“Hmm… how about…”

“I’m gonna… I’ll tell you again if I don’t understand.”

“Fufu, thank you”



Then, studying and finishing all the way to the end-this development, this is To Heart!
In one sense, it’s too unpredictable… An animation in which the two of us at the heroine’s house devote themselves to studying.
There can be no other!

That’s the most important feature of this anime is that it cherishes everyday depictions.
As I said, other animations always try to move something in order to catch the viewer’s attention…
But no, this anime does not dare to do it, and it does a complete and peaceful time firmly from the beginning to the end
This kind of air is the real pleasure of To Heart. It’s that comfortable everyday scenes continue all the time…

Since I’m sorry, I would like to talk a little more. As for the other characteristic part of this anime, the true protagonist is actually
I think he is a better person than Hiroyuki. Because every time the staff roll comes up with the name at the top,
Akari is also singing the ED theme, and Akari was involved with the heroine apart from Hiroyuki in Kotone times and chairperson times.

In fact, it’s an unusual composition in which girls are in the leading position.
Besides, Akari has always liked Hiroyuki-chan even before the story began,
I’m worried about whether the unrequited love of the protagonist that is often found in love comics is fulfilled…

But I think this kind of romantic comedy is different from this anime.
Surely it is important to fulfill your unrequited love… but more
It makes me think that it is more important to continue this calm time all the time.

After all, when these two people are together, they don’t do anything like kissing or confessing at the end.
When it comes to ending, Hiroyuki-chan came to pick up Akari who had a cold and it ended. It’s like this until the end
But I think it’s better to stick with this style until the end, rather than letting him kiss me for the last time

In short… I don’t want to be ridiculously lover, the relationship between the two
Normally, I would like to say, “I’m not a childhood friend, I want to become a lover sooner,” but in the case of Akari
After valuing the time I spent as a childhood friend, I want to continue to be with Hiroyuki-chan…
I think it’s symbolic that Aki’s memories with Hiroyuki are so important.

I don’t think I should do this in a hurry, but now I’m soaking the seeds and waiting for them to grow.
That’s right, bring up love. Take care of your love with care.
That’s what I think is the most important thing about love.
Whether or not you can realize it, there is a part that you feel unsatisfied by watching other anime

For example, if you didn’t stack up a lot of love depictions, but you were married 10 years later
I am persistently appealing as “I like it, I like it!”, but I don’t understand why I became so interested.
It feels like it’s attached, “Because this character likes this guy” “Because they decided to get married”
There is a lot of love that I can only feel about the settings…

By the way, there is a reason why Akari loved Hiroyuki.
First of all, if Akari, an elementary school student, was throwing her luggage in the rain and crying,
It seems that only Hiroyuki stopped and helped me…

After that, when I became a high school student like I am now, Hiroyuki became an idiot and a lazy person, and he became an idiot who only said nothing.
A friend who knows Hiroyuki of the old days is amazed that “I can not do anything with Hiro these days ~ I was not like that in the past”
Only Akari says, “Uh, Hiroyuki-chan hasn’t changed at all.”

why. Surely Hiroyuki is always tired of dealing with himself
Because he is a person who can move and help naturally when someone else is in trouble.
For example, if there is a person on the roadside who is sick with heavy luggage,
Akari started to get lost (what should I do… maybe I should help…),
Hiroyuki Naka is a kind of person who takes his luggage with no hesitation and asks, “Should I carry this over there?”

Every time I see Hiroyuki-chan like that, Akari smiles next to him and makes a face like “Hiroyuki-chan is still the same as before.”
It looks like a lazy person, but the kindness that helped Akari long ago remains
I think it’s impossible for Hiroyuki to love Akari.

Well, even one favorite feeling is that I have carefully drawn up to this point
This is To Heart. No
Akari and Hiroyuki-chan’s past and future will be carefully and carefully piled up… There is no other anime like this.

I’ve talked about Akari for a long time, but in fact, my favorite To Heart character is Hiroyuki’s best friend, Masafumi.
To be honest, even if I combine female characters, I think that my favorite is Masashi.
Nope, Masafumi is a super nice guy who can study with good looking and has a cute girlfriend in the ace of the soccer club, and the voice is Soichiro Hoshi?
Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be Masashi? (Eh

Well, Masashi was originally a hard worker and made a steady effort to build his current position.
I didn’t want to be suddenly pon, but I wanted to take the right steps and become the same.
In the first place, I was watching To Heart in real time when I was in the third year of middle school, so
When you enter high school, it will be Masashi! I remember that I was quite sick of it.

It doesn’t matter at all, but Remy wearing Kyudo is nice…
This gap that foreigners are dressed in Japanese style…
I mean, blonde girls are limited to ponytails rather than twintails! (Eh
Recently, twin cats and scoops are twins! That’s not the case, blondes aren’t so Pony’s are more cute!

One last word. Okada, a classmate’s disgusting guy who gets involved with the chairman every time
When I look back at the voice actor of this guy, I realize that it is Akiko Kimura
The masterpiece of Akiko Kimura is Rockman EXE and recently Fea of ​​Inazuma Eleven GO.
I have a pretty cute voice, so it’s troublesome that it looks cute when Ichamon snarls at the chairperson

There is an image of Akiko Kimura as Shota, but in me, the first generation of Battle Spirits, Bashin Mama, Live-on Sho Mama
I think it’s pretty cute when I play female roles, so I feel like I want girls to do it than Shota.
It doesn’t matter, but the moment I thought that To Heart was the best drawing,
I think it’s a scene where Okada took an apron on the desk.
To finish such a noisy scene with a precise drawing…I’m not putting too much effort into everyday life…

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I talked about To Heart for a long time yesterday, but when I checked with my younger brother
It turned out that I still had the collection of materials I bought when I aired the anime.
I still have a mook book from 13 years ago, and I think he’s a pretty useful guy…
That’s why I read it, but the interview with the production staff was particularly interesting.

“At first, I was thinking about making a normal animation, but when I talked to Aquaplus, the direction was completely different.
≪Is it more proper? I said that I wanted to do a drama in a sense without using anime-like techniques.
If you don’t use animation techniques, you can’t use expressions like sweating in a rushed scene.
However, the fans’ voices were amazing. When looking at the questionnaire postcard, there are many voices saying, “It’s good that there is nothing.”
I was relieved that this was good. It’s really normal. There’s nothing in Episode 1 other than changing seats (laughs).”

“For episode 1, I thought that it was really just changing seats (laughs)
However, that would be the best way to show your classmates. So when I decided to do it for 30 minutes
The future To Heart line has been decided.”

directed by
“I haven’t really flirted with the viewer at all, which is unusual for such kind of animation.
“I’m very happy that it was good, and I was able to confirm that there are people who can understand it if I think it properly.”

Ah, the staff seemed to be quite aware of the content of one episode, “I’m only changing seats!”
However, it seems that he made it a masterpiece with the aim of making what is said to be “I like this anime, although I only change seats”
In fact, it seems that the viewers at that time had a good reputation, and I’m kind of happy to say that much yesterday.

directed by
“In the final episode, the two were supposed to kiss at the last minute. I think that was the case until the third draft of the scenario.
But after all, let’s stop. When I went over there, I felt that it was very artificial.
After all, the character was familiar. In a world where there are no hands, no shoulders to hold.
Aquaplus said you can kiss,
I was also told that Hiroyuki could overwhelm the illness and finish it.
But I can’t. You’re making a story, I can’t let you do it.
In Episode 8, you had a time to study with your knees together. So, for example, doing something like “I was touched by each other’s heartbeat”
It’s an ordinary drama. Normally that is the case. But this is not the case with the relationship between the two. I was able to see it there.”

And how to finish the final story… After all, this is also said! I wonder if it’s okay to finish with Akari and Hiroyuki’s kiss for the last time,
It seems that the staff side also suffered considerably. If there was no kiss, there was talk about piggybacking…
However, at the end of the day, the director seems to have passed the last without a kiss and a piggyback saying “No, this is not the relationship between these two people”.
Director… I will follow you for the rest of your life! (Eh
It’s determined… this is determined! It’s good if you let other animes talk about kissing you like that!
From that, he said, “I suppose they’re going to be together in the future, maybe they’ll become lovers soon.”
The best way is to tighten your thoughts so that the memories of the two will continue forever. I was impressed that the director knew well

directed by
“As a work, Akari is supposed to be the main character, and I made it a program where Hiroyuki and the moderator act as guests, and guests come out every time.
It was decided from the beginning. The protagonist is Akari, and Hiroyuki is just a recipient…
When Hiroyuki becomes the protagonist, it becomes a story that he solves things.
He will be the superman in that world, because Hiroyuki will be the only one who will complete and finish everything.
━ Solved various worries by being liked by various girls… There is no such convenient person,
If those guys do a lot of things, it will be an uninteresting story.”

Akari the main character came! You see, Akari, the main character! The main character of Akari came! (Eh
Something that I talked about yesterday was too accurate and dangerous! Don’t get into this! Hahaha!
That’s why the anime version was made on the assumption that Akari was the main character.

Why isn’t Hiroyuki-chan the leading role? If you put a character like Hiroyuki-chan in the main,
It seems that it will be a style that is convenient for that character too
I mean…I was very convinced when I heard this.
Well, when I was told, there was a similar example that I thought of.

That is Mr. Uejo from the prohibited series.
No, Uejo-san… When Mikoto comes out with the main character’s railgun, it’s cool.
Mikoto’s power will help me by appearing in a pinch that can’t be helped,
In the manga version of Dengeki Daio, there’s a one-way tanker that says, “I’m leaving my sister Misaka! You can’t hear me!
It was really cool. I thought it would be reasonable for Mikoto to fall in love with this.

Then, what about Mr. Uejo who is a heroine’s prohibited book?
This is too convenient for me (I see.

First of all, Mr. Uejo’s schedule is awful. For example, the morning of that day was involved in this incident, the afternoon was involved in this incident,
The next day was another case, and the next day was another case…
And every time I solve the case, I got acquainted with various beautiful girls and fell in love with them, and the number of Harlem personnel increased…

After that, Mr. Kamijou’s ability is quite limited, “I can only counteract the ability of the opponent with my right hand”,
When it comes to a battle with the enemy, the opponent only comes with attacks that can be erased with the right hand
It will be a battle with a great correction of the main character. If there were simultaneous attacks on the left and right
The other person doesn’t do that at all…

And the punching power of Mr. Uejo. Mr. Uejo was very nervous about the purpose I saw, and it seems that I have no muscles at all
The punching power is extremely abnormal, and once the punch is decided, the opponent blows off with tremendous momentum and there are quite a few situations like one shot KO…

Looking at that, I really thought that the director’s story was just like this.
It looks cool with a railgun, but if it’s a prohibited book, opportunism is annoying.
That’s because there are limited situations where Hiroyuki and Kamijou can play an active part,
If you match it with you so that you can play an active part in all the stories, it means that convenient development will continue many times.
I see… I think that the way we think about animation has changed. After all, To Heart is amazing

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・Since it wasn’t updated recently, I was worried that I was busy, but he hit me with a passion for the hot “To Heart”.
I feel that I’m getting older 13 years ago: ;y=_と ̄|○・∵. Turn I was a year when I could play 18 prohibited PC games at that time.
I entered from there, but as you said, the animation version was good without erotic or excessive romance description…I really miss it.
After reviewing it, the voice actors were quite gorgeous, and the OP song “Feeling Heart” is still very impressive.
――I wondered why I fell into love with Aoi (thanks?):;y=_to ̄|○・∵. Turn It was supposed to be a multiplayer experience when I was a PC,
Before I knew it, I’d be a Aoi school…because it’s fine to have a hard-working hard-working hard-working person,
I want to support and support. The voice of the anime version, Mayumi Iizuka, was subdued, but I was impressed by the voice that felt the strength of the core.
Mr. Taishi is an alien with boobs, so if you think that Aoi is through, you can see the image properly…Thank you and orz by Epronrai

Uoh, you said that you had already played the 18-ban version from that time… Epron-san, I wonder if it was the flow of PS version → anime version → 18-ban version.
However, because Aoi is a breast alien, Aoi is disrespectful with Thru! Speaking only of female characters
My favorite is Aoi!

No, seriously, Aoi is a hard and shy character, so Hiroyuki-chan’s sexual harassment remarks like “Well, what are you saying?
There were a lot of scenes that reacted while messing around, and that was a big point
I also feel that Mayumi Iizuka’s acting was good, like Nagamori of ONE, but I feel that Mayumi Iizuka’s gal heroine was strangely good.

・I wrote an article that was too timely for me who bought To Heart recently for post-school.
The anime looks good too, so I’ll check it out! Personally, I like Remy because the setting of a foreigner (although half) is lively.
Recently, even foreign characters are fluent in Japanese normally, there is no difference in nuance, and there is no twist in personality,
Since it is often done with just the setting of “foreigner” and external appearance…

Oh, do you like Remy! Sounds good! Certainly I was the first to capture in the game version was Remy
I’m still the second favorite female character, the first one is Aoi as I said, but

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