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[Simulation] Introducing KOEI’s recommended games!

This time, I would like to introduce an article that I have been playing for a long time in the history simulation game among the simulation games.
The KOEI series is a lot more than I thought, but… sweat

This blog also introduces works in various places, and I write a summary of those works and works that have not been introduced yet.

For those who like the Warring States era or Sangokushi like managers, it is also a point that you can enjoy double by brain delusion depending on the development of the game. Lol
Like a so-called character game, you can collect your favorite warlords and play while creating an original army, develop a fighting method that is as historical as possible, and this kind of game can be done with various feelings of the player. It’s a game genre that you can enjoy for a long time because you can play it.

The strange thing is that you play it regularly. Lol
There are quite a few times when I suddenly played and noticed that a few hours had passed.

It can be recommended for people who are interested in history, like managers, and people who like simulation games, so it might be a good idea to play it once.

Let me introduce you.

Nobunaga’s Ambition and Innovation With Power Up Kit

◆ Genre
History simulation games
◆Supported model information
・PS Vita

Real-time strategy (RTS) unfolded in one-map nationwide

It is a history simulation game that I personally play the most.

We aim to unify the world in one map from Hokkaido (Ezo) in the north to Kyushu in the south.
(There is also a local mode for the time being, and there is also a mode for playing in MAP that limits the area.)

This work is a strategy simulation game of real-time strategy because the battle and the domestic affairs proceed on the same time axis, so while watching the trends of the enemy forces, thinking about what your own forces need I will proceed.

If you realize that you are laid back with an emphasis on internal politics, the other forces will grow too large and you will not be able to compete with your own power, and you will be destroyed.

Since this is a normal thing, I think that it is a simulation game with a highly strategic strategy such as the balance between domestic affairs and battles and what to do to prevent expanding enemy forces, so if you are addicted, you can play it for a long time.

As a historical simulation, events may occur and the results will be reflected, so it may feel a bit unsatisfactory, but in the case of this work, it was set in the Warring States period rather than as a historical simulation. I think it should be seen as a war simulation game.

With the acquisition of “technology”, which is one of the characteristics of this work, it is possible to create a favorable situation for battle and domestic affairs by developing technology with three appropriate warlords.

The number of days that you can acquire “technology” will change depending on the ability of the warlord, so the point is how quickly you can acquire it and create a situation that is advantageous to your own power.

If you develop a technology with a highly capable warlord, you can acquire more effective “technology” as soon as possible, but while you are developing “technology” you can not use that warlord even in domestic affairs or battle, We also have to think about how to overcome it.

In particular, if there is a shortage of human resources, the internal politics may not be able to make progress during technological development, or if there is no military commander who can fight when attacked, it may be difficult to prevent it.

Since it’s a real-time strategy, I think the game nature of it is quite interesting.

Besides, it is the charm of this work as a character game.

By surrendering another house or attacking the castle and destroying it, you can be promoted to your own power, so you can organize your own military general and enjoy it with delusions in the brain. Lol

As a simulation game, I personally played it for quite a long time, and sometimes I play it even now, so if you are interested in the Warring States period, people who like simulation may want to play once

Sangokushi 13 With Power Up Kit

◆ Genre
History simulation
◆Supported model information
・Xbox One
・Nintendo Switch™

Mikuni will series full of military commanders individual play

The main is a real-time strategy type history simulation game.
It is a historical simulation game set in Sangokushi, and it is a work that can be played quite specialized in individual play.

You can do allegiance with one power, serve many powers like a mercenary, become a nomad and protect the city, or become a bandit and present the city.
There are various role-plays that you can play repeatedly because you can create a nation and aim to unify the world, or you can operate each power with money as a merchant.

There is a system called “prestige”, and since the “prestige” has the above-mentioned role, you can choose how you live in the world of Mikuni will.

In most “prestige”, unifying the world is a clear requirement, but there are things with different clear requirements, which is also one of the points.

I think that most of the games of this kind are clear in the unification of the world, but with the aim of gaining “fame” or “infamy” or possessing a certain amount of money, depending on “prestige” Conditions changed, so I could play around there while feeling the freshness.

Although it is a “prestige” system, you can change the prestige while you are playing, so it’s good that you have the freedom to change the way you play in one play.

The CPU power is expanding every moment. You can change the way you play depending on the situation, so you can create your own way of enjoying.

This work is recommended for people who are good at delusions in the brain, so please try to survive in Sangokushi. Lol

Sangokushi 9 with Power Up Kit

◆ Genre
History simulation games
◆Supported model information

Simple and enjoyable Mikuni will simulation with semi-real time system

This is the type that becomes the master of each power and unites the world.

It becomes a semi-real time system, and it is divided into a “strategy phase” and a “progress phase”,
In the Strategy Phase, we will give instructions from the internal affairs of the city’s finances and food to the battle to support the formation of troops and the troops in the field.

When the strategy phase ends, it will switch to the “progress phase” for a certain period of time.

In the “Progress Phase”, the player will only watch over the troops that issued the instruction, as it will proceed automatically. This is surprisingly interesting.

The fighting troops are hitting a single fight, or the tactics owned by the troops are activated, but you can see it quite passionately.

It is because I can not give detailed instructions, so I think that I can help with watching.

Graphically, it is old-fashioned compared to the current game, and there are some system inconveniences, but personally it is like a slum game, and the more I do it, the more I am addicted.

Besides, after the battle is over, a specific military commander will bring the original military commander selected from the soldiers.

For the first few months, there is a training period for the original warlords you brought in, and you can decide which warlords you want to study and some training policies.

This is also a random element, so you will be watching until the end of the training period and subordinate.

Occasionally, I may leave for the training period as it is, so I can not feel relieved until I join the subordinate, but this was also an interesting point.

As with battles, there are some areas where users cannot intervene, and the balance is just right and interesting.

If you’re tired of being overly complicated in recent games, I think it will be a good simulation game, so if you are interested, please play it.

Thirty-six total M

Now, this is a history simulation game that you can enjoy on your smartphone.

Unlike the works introduced above, this is a smartphone app that you can play on the go.

I think that it is a work that can be enjoyed firmly because the manager has recently started playing and there is strategicity in the ease of playing with a smartphone.

It’s a fairly hot game because it’s a smartphone app that has just been released.

The story is set in Shikokushi, who has been assigned to the group, and aims to unify the world while collecting “Sixty-six measures” as a general.

It is easy to associate from the title, but you can enjoy quests and battles between users by using “36 measures”.

I wonder if this battle is an element that plays well in a simple and strategic way.

It is a battle, but before the battle, “Avant-garde”, “Chinese-guard”, “Rear-guard” and three of your favorite military commanders are placed, and you are ready to start by selecting the thirty-six total to use in the battle. I will.

After that, the battle will proceed in auto mode, so you will only have to watch the progress, but each warlord has unique skills, and there are differences in the battle depending on the selected “thirty-six measures”, so please combine that combination. There are some interesting things just to think about.

I think that it is an element that people who like delusions in the brain can play with it if they can form their own original unit while considering the skill of the warlord.

It’s fairly conscientious, because you can get it by collecting not only gacha but also fragments of the warlord in the quest.

It’s also suitable for those who are looking for collecting and collecting elements in the game, because it can be obtained if you keep on steady.

Besides, since it is a smartphone application, you can enjoy fighting with other users and competing for territory, so it is a smartphone application that you can play for a long time including online elements.

There are facilities for strengthening various warlords in my property, and I can play as one general, such as working hard on the facility to strengthen the facility, strengthening not only the military commander but also the soldiers who command the military commander. There are many elements.

There are many elements that you can play as a game, even if you can easily start it with a smartphone, so if you like history, you may want to install and play once.


There are quite a few KOEI history simulation games in Nobunaga’s Ambition series and Mikuni will series, and the system is quite different for each work, so if you like this kind of genre, please choose the one that suits you. Have fun looking.

The works introduced here are the ones I was particularly interested in in the series that the manager played so far, but it may not fit depending on your taste. Lol

We recommend that you check out other series as well before purchasing. The series just before was sold at a reasonably priced price.

The smartphone app is basically a free game to enjoy, so you might want to try it once and see if it matches the mood.

If you are good at brain delusions, I think this kind of game can be played many times, so if you are looking for a game that you can fully enjoy, please pick it up and play.

See you soon.

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