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【Adventure】”To Heart 2″ Popular series in Japan!

Hello! The game introduced this time is “To Heart2”

It’s a game from a few decades ago, but it’s still popular, and figures and the like continue to be created.

By the way, unlike the previous work “ToHeart”, which was created by Leaf for PC, “ToHeart2” is a work created for PS2. Exactly for me! That said, I played the PSP version, though.
So, I would like to introduce the appeal of ToHeart2.

1. Overwhelming volume!

The first thing I think when I play ToHeart2 is that there are many heroines!

Childhood friend (sister position), library member, childhood friend (sister position), student council president, rivals, suspicious club manager, twins, aliens, ghosts …

When I line them up again, it’s still spectacular …

Well, as you can see from the side by side, 9 heroine 9 routes are very luxurious contents.

As a game system, using the “after school” time given every day in the common route, I feel like going to meet heroines that appear in various places at different times to increase my liking. If you get a certain level of liking, the heroine will gradually approach you. In other words, until entering the individual route

1. Start an event

2. You can set up an event

You repeat this.

The important thing here is the options that appear in each event you set. This is common to all gyaruges. There are things that are important for future development, and things that are just for enjoying a little difference in the story, but if you make a mistake in the choice here, the heroine that you are capturing will not come out. You have to choose your choices.

2. High quality scenario!

Naturally, high volume is not enough to get a high evaluation. Rather, the biggest attraction of this work is this! In other words, this is the side of a crying game.

I can’t tell you the details about it because it will be spoiled (if you are interested, try playing it), but after all there is only the royal road title, and it makes me cry firmly in the scenario ~. I think there are various directions to make you cry, but this ToHeart2 makes me cry in love as much as I can! The protagonist and the heroine pass by each other, the surrounding environment that does not easily change … Such distress is sometimes painful, sometimes passionately drawn, and I can not help empathizing! For me, I especially recommend Ruko √ and Sasara √! I think you can definitely cry for these two routes. What is good, everything is good! ! Well, this is not the answer.

Please forgive me, because if you try to talk here, it will be spoiled. Spoilers are sin.

For the suddenly appearing proper name, soon after this! (Do not sandwich CM)

3. A heroine with a strong personality!

One of the factors that attracts me to ToHeart2 is that the heroine has a strong personality. Everyone is different, everyone is good! !

So next, I will highlight the heroine and briefly introduce its name, standing position, and features. (This part is long, so it may be okay to let it flow to some extent)

Konomi Yuzuhara

The neighbor is a childhood friend of the protagonist. I’m quiet and eating. I like fortune-telling. I always go to school with the main character. I am very fond of the protagonist, who has a long relationship, and Tamako’s sister, Tamaki Takasaka (described later), and I think of them as brothers and sisters. A lovable younger childhood friend who can help and encourage the protagonist on the route of another heroine. The main character’s friend, Yuji says, “Chinchikurin.”

Komaki Manaka

Class vice chair of the hero’s class. The nickname in the class is “Iincho”. Although he dislikes himself, it has penetrated all over the class. He said, “Because it looks more like a chairman than the chairman,” “Vice chairman, isn’t it the chairperson?” Later, the chairman forcibly gave up the chairman’s seat and was promoted from the vice chairman to the chairman. He is also a library committee member. “Manaka” instead of “Aika”.

Nagase (10 waves) Yuma

Rival existence of the protagonist, who has a strong hostility toward the protagonist and suddenly rushes. The casual action of the protagonist caused a lot of damage (half of which is self-employed), and he assumed that it was a declaration of war against himself. On the other hand, he tries to play a game against the protagonist at the game center, but in reality he is a pretty lady. The abandoned line is “I don’t think I won this ~!”

Takasaka Tamaki

Yuji Kosaka, the childhood friend of the protagonist and Konomi, is a sister of the protagonist’s friend. Known as Tama-sister. For the protagonist, it’s settsu-yaki. Although he is a sister even from the main character, he is also a target of awe. Actually, he has a longer relationship with the protagonist than this one. Although he was locked up in a princess school far away for a while, in the spring of high 3 he moved to the school where the protagonists attended due to his own forced action.

Kusugawa Sasara

The student council president who attends the main character. It is feared that he is called a “vice chief” because of his always cold attitude and the fact that he does his job without the need for a student council officer. They have a special constitution that they cannot eat things that are handmade. It is also mysterious that his attitude changed completely after the student council president retired the previous year. The same high school third grader as Tamaki. As I learned after playing, it seems that it is an additional character that did not exist in the PS2 version.

Himeyuri Coral / Himeyuri Ruri

Twin sisters attending the same school as the main character. Coral is my sister and Ruri is my sister.

Coral has a dull personality and is an optimist. A self-paced girl who speaks the Kansai dialect. Contrary to that, he is a genius in computer-related fields, and he is also designing a robot called “Made Robot” that appears in the work. As a result, the companies that belong to them lend high-end condominiums to support household budgets. The origin of Maid Robot design is that we want to make friends for Ruri. The greeting is “Ruu”.

Ruri is weak to a computer, so I leave everything to my sister. I feel that my hometown is being offered by my sister. This coral doesn’t care about such things at all, but since coral can’t do housework at all, Ruri is in charge of all the housework of the Himeyuri family. By the way, he has a fondness for coral, and has the protagonist approaching coral as his enemy.

Karin Sasamori

Chairman of the Mystery Research Club (who claims to be the director of the Mystery Research Department). In order to avoid the abandonment, the hero was inserted into the plot and forced into the club. If you come up with ideas, such as communicating with aliens and searching for unknown creatures, you can take immediate action. I love egg sandwiches. I often sing the egg sandwich song. The hero’s egg sandwich has also been robbed several times. In addition, he says, “Mystery Lab, not Mystery Lab”.

Lucy Maria Misora

A mysterious girl who occasionally appears in the park or suddenly in the house. Known as Ruko. It originates from the fact that he introduced himself to the protagonist and called himself “Ruko / Sora no Sora”. According to the person himself, this seems to be the case when translated into Japanese (?). An alien from the self-proclaimed Ursa Major 47th third planet “Ru”. Greeting is “ru”. It is unknown what they have in common with coral.

Grass wall Yuuki

A mysterious girl who appears in the school at night. The protagonist met at night when he went to school to take notes of the assignment. The protagonist shows a positive attitude toward the protagonist from the beginning, but the reason is not known. He has long black hair and is the character with the weakest personality among the characters in ToHeart2.

That is the introduction of the heroine. Well, it wasn’t a quick introduction at all, I’m sorry … but I don’t think it’s a wiki. By the way, the main character’s name can be freely set, so I’ve set it to the main character here.

4. Wide range of action!

After all, there are only 9 heroines, and the way the hero moves is quite wide. It’s not just the heroine that’s heading for, but also the detours to the event with my best friend, Yuji, to discover new things. The more you see the story, the deeper you will understand the work, and the more individual routes you can enjoy.

Also, because of that strong aspect, the number of event CGs and scenarios is very large, and trying to collect all hidden CGs and hidden scenarios can be quite difficult. Conversely, if you find it worthwhile, it will be even more fun!

I also had a hard time collecting CG. Only one of the heroines introduced above, Yuuki Kusakabe, is a hidden character, and I can not grasp the image at all on any route other than Yuuki √ … Other heroines have some form on a route other than their own route. I’ve been involved in it, and at least it appeared on the common route at least once, but the heroine does not appear at all. When I was searching around for the hidden CG, the 9th heroine appeared! I was surprised at that time … It’s such a thing, and there are plenty of elements to try!

5. There are many entanglements between the protagonist and the heroine!

When you play gyaruge, there are times when love is unfolding before you know it, such as “Ah, when do you think about love?” Does this work have such a feeling of being overwhelmed, but I have nothing to do with that feeling!

Once you have entered the individual route for any heroine route, from there it is entwined, entangled, and entangled with the heroine! Only the action with the heroine will continue. It is easy to get into the story because the depictions that you gradually realize in love over time are detailed. When I think of the scene of the encounter near the ending, I am deeply moved by the memories of the various conversations and events that have been going on.

There are various ways of entanglement, depending on the route, such as Karin √ and Yasara √, they go on to get along with each other in the same activities, and in Yuma √, on the contrary, when they find themselves in conflict with each other, they become familiar. In Aika √ and coral / ruri √, my daily life was gradually changing while I was involved in the heroine, and it was not so at first, but when I noticed it was natural to be always together.

There are various entanglements in that kind of feeling, and I never get tired of talking. It seems to be enjoyable even in the second week play.

The masterpiece of the royal road, ToHeart2

Up to this point, I have introduced the appeal of the work in 5 parts 1-5. It will be finally summarized.

The characteristics of ToHeart2 are, after all, the number of heroines and the cuteness that stands out due to their individuality! These two! Many heroines are appearing, and despite the large volume of scenarios, it’s all good to see anywhere. There are a lot of writers, but it’s easy to understand that they are made with all their strength.

For me personally, I’m pretty happy that the first-play Galge was this work. It has a lot of serious contents to bright contents for each route, and it is a work that I particularly recommend for the first play of Garuge. “Gyaruge is this kind of thing” is packed tightly, which is exactly the royal road! I feel.

Actually, the text is displayed using the entire screen, which makes it difficult to see the picture, but there are drawbacks, but if you concentrate on the content, you will not be worried about that. Only the first one is a little confused.

The rest is perfect in the sense that it is a royal school, but it is not so fresh, so it may not be suitable for those who are looking for such exciting works.

However, I am sure that it is a good work, so I hope you will be interested in reading this article.

Lastly, thank you for reading this article. “To Heart2” where the good points are definitely more prominent than the bad points. Why don’t you think about purchasing at this opportunity?

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